Women at Work #LadyBrags


In the past year, a light has been shed on a lot of issues for women in tech. We’ve had conversations about equal pay, sexual harassment, diversity, and much more.

We know women have been at the forefront of technology for decades, but saying we’re here like we’ve always been isn’t enough. We need to get comfortable bragging about our achievements while lifting each other up. 

We’re calling on you to celebrate – and brag – about women's achievements in tech. Together we can lift each other for the world to see.

#Ladybrags is a celebration of women at work, a movement to bring attention to women and their proudest moments.

  1. Create a fundraising page to tell your story and brag about your accomplishments.
  2. Ask your family and friends to make a donation so more girls can get into tech, and we can keep them in the pipeline to be hired.
  3. Share your #Ladybrags on your social networks and grow the movement!
Every #Ladybrags fundraising page will help elevate women in the tech industry, while every donation will help Girls in Tech educate, empower, and engage more women passionate about technology.